Ambitious Aims

After thinking for some time, i have finally settled on an ambitious main goal for this blog. I am going to read through various religious texts in a way that any reader can follow along with me, offering commentary. I have not fully read any of the books, unless otherwise stated. To start, i wish to work my way through the Abrahamic texts, starting with the Old Testament, then to the New, and finally at the Qu’ran. It is going to take time to read through it all, and i havent set up a timeline yet, but i hope to get through at least a few chapters a week.

Why am I doing this? Despite being raised by christian parents (Catholic and some sort of Protestant) I have never fully read through the Christian bible or the Qu’ran. I have to be upfront that I am not a believer in the religious texts I am setting out to read. I am an atheist. I have received challenges in the past that if I would only read the {insert religious text here} then that would change, but I am skeptical of such an outcome. These texts are central to the lives of many people around the world. The books of the Bible and the Qu’ran are being used heavily in discourse, and more frighteningly in discussions of political matters here in the U.S. It is near impossible to fully grasp what is being said without the literary background of these works. Really though, more than anything, im just plain intereted.

– SkeptiCole


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