The good land is close to where the sinners live

Genesis 13
Abram returns from Egypt to the spot where he built his first alter after God told him to move. It is also said that he is very rich in livestock, silver, and gold, most of which I’m going to assume he conned from Pharaoh. Lot was again traveling with Abram, and together they had too much stuff and livestock, and the land they would camp on could not support both herds. Abram decided they should go their separate ways, telling Lot he will go opposite of whichever direction Lot chooses. Lot looked east, saw the Jordan plain was very nice, and went that way, settling near Sodom. Before Abram could gaze west, God told him to look everywhere, all around, and that God will give that to him and his descendants, which will be as numerous as the dust on the earth.

According to the footnotes, the moral of the story lies in the fact that Lot made his own choice, while Abram waited for God to tell him what to do, that Abram “shows both trust in God and generosity toward his nephew” (pg. 134). What I think is strange though, is that God had the opportunity to interject himself in the whole decision making process to start. Abram had Lot make a choice, God could have stepped in and said, no no, Lot go that way, Abram, the rest is yours. Instead, Lot is left to choose for himself, and then God interjects before Abram could go the other way, as if Abram was somehow in a superior position.

Lessons I Leared:

  • God rewards those who tell others what to do.

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