It’s starting to look suspicious

Genesis 20
Abraham and Sarah have now moved to Gerar, where they once again claim to be brother and sister, and Sarah is taken by the king, Abimelech. God quickly intervenes, this time appearing in a dream, telling Abimelech that Sarah is actually married, and that if he doesn’t return her, he and everyone of his propel will die.

Of course Abimelech immediately gives Sarah back, and asks for forgiveness by giving Abraham animals, land and silver. Abraham then intercedes with God, saving Abimelech from God’s wrath.

Ok, this chapter is very reminiscent of when Abraham and Sarah went down to Egypt. Of course, they now have different names, but the MO seems to be the same. But why doesn’t God step in and protect them instead of allowing them to continue in this game of what seems to be extortion?

God is also more than willing to consider Abimelech guilty of taking another mans wife, even though he acted with “pure heart and clean hands.” I suppose that this is part of the old “ignorance of the law is no excuse” kind of thing. However, it was God’s own beloved Abraham that put Abimelech in this position. Shouldn’t God really be having a word with Abraham and Sarah? This is the second time he has had to get them out of this situation.

We also learn I’m this chapter that Abraham and Sarah are half-siblings. They have the same father. I guess this will be the start of the Biblically Acceptable Non-Traditional Marriages List:

  1. A Man, his wife, and her maid. (Genesis 16:3)
  2. Half siblings who share the same father. (Genesis 20:12)

Lessons I Learned:

  • God will aid you in extortion against kings.
  • If one of God’s people trick you into committing a crime, you are guilty and should pay the person who tricked you in order to save you.
  • It is ok to marry your half-sister.

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