Run Away!

Genesis 31
Laban and his sons’ attitude toward Jacob turns a bit sour, so God tells Jacob to go back to the land he was born. Jacob loads up all his wives on to camels and takes off to his fathers house without telling Laban that he was going. Before they leave, Rachel steals all of her fathers images of God. After three days Laban learns that Jacob has fled, and takes chase. After seven days Laban catches up to Jacob. Laban confronts Jacob, saying he would have thrown his a going away party, then asks why Jacob stole his Gods. Jacob says he will kill whoever Laban finds them with. Jacob doesn’t know Rachel has them, and she hides them in her saddlebag, refusing to get up saying she is on her period. After finding nothing, Laban returns to an angry Jacob empty handed. The two then make a treaty, and swear never to set foot in each others lands with hostile intent.

It seems like people in this story are just tricky and deceptive. We a constantly being told that Jacob is tricking people, Rachel steals from her own father, and Laban has made attempts to keep Jacob under his control. I am really having a hard time liking the characters in this story. At least this time God intervenes to prevent Laban from assaulting Jacob, and Laban listens. I honestly didn’t get much out of this chapter.
Lessons that I Learned

  • Piles of rocks can serve as a witness to a covenant

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