A nice chapter made gloomy by footnotes

Genesis 33
Jacob and Esau finally meet, and Esau greets his brother with embracing, kisses and tears. Esau tries to turn down the gifts Jacob sent ahead to him in the previous chapter, but Jacob convinces him to accept. Esau asks Jacob to return with him, but Jacob says that he must travel more slowly, because of his children and livestock. Esau heads home, and Jacob breaks for camp, and then builds a home in that spot.

It appears that Esau has forgiven Jacob, which is a great thing. He was very angry in the past, but now he appears to be happy, and initially does not want to accept Jacobs gifts. Unfortunately, the footnotes state that in this chapter there is a hint that the reconciliation is not complete, and that Jacob does not intend to share this land with his brother. I don’t see where the footnote writers are getting this, but if it is true, it is very unfortunate.
Lessons that I learned:

  • Be happy to see your family, and welcome them with open arms.

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