The consequences of having big dreams

Genesis 37

Joseph is Jacob’s favorite son. One day he has a dream in which he and his brothers were bundling grain, when his bundle floated up, and his brothers bundles formed a circle around his and the bowed down to it. His brothers already did not like him, because he was the favored son, and this dream made them like him even less. Joseph then had another dream in which the son, the moon, and eleven stars all bowed down to him. This angered his family even more. One day Jacob sends Joseph out to find his brothers who are tending their flocks. His brothers spotted him before he them, and they plotted to kill him. Reuben objects, and instead of killing Joseph, suggests that they throw him into a cistern instead. When Joseph finally meets them, they strip him of his tunic and thrown him into a cistern. They did not kill him, but instead conspired to sell him to the Ishmaelites. Reuben went back to fetch Joseph, however he was no longer in the cistern. The brothers dipped Jacobs tunic in animal blood and sent it to Jacob, their father. Jacob was inconsolable. It turns out, however, that Joseph was pulled from the well and sold to one of the Pharos officials in Egypt.

See, this is why superstitions are dangerous. This poor kid has a few dreams, tells his family, and they take them seriously. As though the dreams really have meaning. I have no doubt that this is some sort of foreshadowing, but still, is it really necessary? Too many people I know, Even in this modern day, still think dreams hold some mystical meaning. While there is no full consensus as to the purpose that dreams serve, there is nothing to indicate that they have a mystical or supernatural link.

The brothers behavior in this chapter is disturbing. While Joseph’s dreams may describe some sort of idea of grandeur that he may have, this is absolutely no reason to conspire for his demise or to sell him into slavery. Have these men no compassion for their brother?

God seems to have been much more absent these last few chapters, other than wrestling in the dark, renaming, or giving directions, he seems to be getting lazy with the whole rescuing people business like he did with Abraham. Wouldn’t this be one of those times to step in, prevent one of his people from becoming a slave? Or maybe this is one of those plans God has. But if the idea was to get Jacob to Egypt, why not just tell him, “go to Egypt?”

Lessons that I Learned:

  • The going rate for a young man was 20 pieces of silver.
  • Don’t dream big…or your brothers will throw you down a well.

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