Help those who are hungry

Genesis 43

The famine continued, and the brothers father, Israel for this chapter, told them to go back to Egypt and to buy more grain. They reminded their father that in Egypt, they were told not to return unless they brought along their youngest brother. Judah convinced Israel to let him be responsible for the youngest brother. Israel also told the boys to bring gifts for grain seller in Egypt, pistachios, almonds, gum, as well as double the money they brought last time. This was to return the money from the first time, and to pay for new grain too.

When Joseph saw his brothers return, he had the house steward slaughter an animal and prepare a banquet for them. However, the brothers became apprehensive when they were led into Joseph’s house. They thought they were being led into a trap, and told the steward of what had happened to them last time and the money they found. The steward said that he had received the money for their purchase, and that they should not worry. Thew meal went well and Joseph inquired about the state of his family.

I get the feeling of rising action, and again am invested to see where this story is going to go. I still get an ominous feeling, but maybe I’ve become jaded by the other stories I’ve read in this book. The fact that the steward received the money for the original purchase implies that Joseph paid for his families grain out of his own pocket. His wealthy pocket. This is a good act. This means that his grudge against his brothers cannot be as bad as it could be. He still feels a responsibility to provide for his family, and used his wealth to help them. It has not yet been shown whether or not Joseph has forgiven his brothers, and I would certainly understand if he has not, but I still think this is a good sign.

Lessons I Learned:

  • If you can, help those less fortunate than you.

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