Saving the lives of women

First, go read Anatomy of an Unsafe Abortion.

What is described in Dr. Gunter’s post is a side of this story that is most often not told, and in my opinion, something that is central to the abortion argument. No matter what you think about the morality of abortion, it is imperative to public health that this service is provided in safe, clean locations by experienced professionals. Without abortions being available, women will die. Not in a peaceful in-their-sleep kind of way, but in a bleeding out because their uterine artery was severed kind of way. This is a completely preventable death, but is the reality now, and will continue to be so the more we allow people to encroach on others access to safe, clean procedures.

I can understand where people come from when they have a problem with abortion. It is a tough issue, full of religion, ethics, science, and emotion. However, if you want to prevent abortions and save lives, there are better ways to go about it other than outlawing the procedure itself.

The best way is to improve sexual education and make contraception available to everyone. You want to prevent an abortion? Prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The best way to do this is to educate people on how to prevent pregnancy, and to make effective contraception available to them. Do this and you have given people the tools to prevent abortion themselves.

Outlawing abortion outright only serves to push women to unsafe “back-alley” abortion providers, and eventually into emergency surgery, like the woman in the linked post above.


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