A catalyst for a new book

Exodus 1

Joseph and his generation are no more, and the Israelite people have multiplied in number while remaining in Egypt. A new king has come into power who does not know about Joseph and his service to the pharaoh of his time. The king feels threatened by the presence and number of the Israelites in Egypt, and plots to stop their increase in number. The first thing he did was set the to slavery, forcing upon them hard and difficult manual labor. He then commands the Egyptian midwives to kill any male children born to the Israelites. The midwives did not follow this command though, as they feared God. Pharaoh then commanded all his people to throw any male child born to be thrown into the Nile.

I start a new book today! Also, with yesterday’s post i passed 1,000 page views!

This chapter really sets a gloomy tone for the coming book. Things just went entirely to hell for the Israelites. The xenophobia expressed by the pharaoh right away is interesting though. He immediately cranks up the persecution of a people who live in his land under the permission, and gratitude of his predecessor. This in part displays the importance of knowing ones history, but also the dangers of fearing those who are different from you. By ramping up this persecution, it’s very clear that it will act as a catalyst for action of some kind. I’m interested to see where this goes. In the mean time, I’m happy to say that I am glad that slavery and xenophobia were presented in a negative light, and there are many today who could still learn from this.

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