Biblically Supported Non-“Traditional” Marriage Styles

Currently in my home state of California, and in the majority of the United States, marriage between two individuals of the same sex is illegal. While I and others who want to legalize gay marriage see this as an issue of civil rights, those who want to keep it illegal see it as a religious and moral issue. While many arguments against gay marriage are thrown about, the large majority of them seem to come from a religious perspective, most specifically arguments from biblical authority. So on this page I will keep an ongoing list of various types of marriage that I encounter as I read through the bible.

  • A man, his wife, and her maid. (Genesis 16:3)
  • Half siblings who share the same father. (Genesis 20:12)
  • A man, his cousin, and his many other wives. (Genesis 28:9)
  • A man and his two cousins who are sisters. (Genesis 29:22-30)
  • A man, his two cousins who are sisters, and their maidservants. (Genesis 30:3-9)
  • A man and three women, one of whom is his cousin. (Genesis 36:2-3)

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