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That must have been some good soup

Genesis 25

Abraham takes another wife, and has 6 more children with her, but he doesn’t let any of them settle near Isaac. Then Abraham dies at the age of 175, and is buried next to Sarah. Everything he owned went to Isaac. We then learn that Ishmael found a wife, and had 12 children, all of whom became chieftains of different tribes. Ishmael dies at the age of 137. Finally the story settles on Isaac, and we learn that Rebekah is sterile, so Isaac has to ask God for children. God listened to Isaac’s prayers, and Rebekah became pregnant with twins. The twins are born, Esau first, then Jacob. Esau became a skilled hunter, while Jacob was a simpler man, who stayed among the tents. One day Esau came home very hungry, and asked to have some of the lentil soup Jacob was cooking. Jacob convinced Esau to sell him his rights as first born in exchange for the soup. Esau sold Jacob his rights as firstborn, ate and drank, and left.

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